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Alan Watts on the Fear of Enlightenment

I loves me some Watts! This is a great little vid, that gets at the heart of the matter for me.  It’s in great alignment with the slacker’s mindset, and shows the basic clinging that can occlude your vision of what you truly are. Enjoy!

Take a moment to pat yourself on the back, you deserve it

Awesome post over at becomingminimalist.com, on Finding Pride and Joy in the Journey of Life. Very touching story about taking the time to celebrate the day-to-day triumphs in life.  We could all use a little kid style enthusiasm about each step of progress we make, which let’s face, we make every[…] Read More →

Get your walk on

Walk on. ~ Bruce Lee Just read an awesome article over at dailygood.org, “Walking For Peace: One Couple’s Incredible Journey” Here’s my favorite bit – Perhaps the greatest teaching of this walk was something that my heart had declared long ago, but which my mind had refused to accept. The[…] Read More →